For over 15 years now I have worked in PR and advertising. At big and small agencies. Two years ago this led to me starting my own agency (Crazy George) with a colleague, and now very good friend, Jason Gallucci. Crazy George was an incredible adventure, one I enjoyed immensely and taught me A LOT. I was lucky – the business was taking good money, there was very little stress, I worked with friends…my work/life balance was great.

But one day I asked myself whether I was genuinely enjoying what I was doing?

Take away the money, the flexibility and the colleagues; was I waking up each day raring to go, looking forward to the challenges ahead? Over time, the answer more and more became “no”.  I know there are those that will say, “a job’s a job, you’re not supposed to love it!”. I would reply, “Why not?”

We spend approximately 30%+ of our daily lives working. I owe it to myself to try and discover or (rediscover) that thing that I can both love, and will keep a roof over my head. Why should I continue in one direction?  Why can’t I explore new turns and opportunities that may lead to something exciting?

Right now, I am rediscovering my passion for web development – something that has only been a casual hobby on the side for me until recently. I have left Crazy George, and officially labelled as a freelancer (gulp!). I’m on People Per Hour taking clients (10 so far) designing sites and online apps for individuals and businesses including fashion designers, recruitment consultants, a custom motorcycle garage and more. I designed the site you’re reading this on right now.

I’m only 4-weeks into this new adventure. I’m working 5 times harder and earning 5 times less, but waking up each day looking forward to the challenge. Whether that’s sustainable only time will tell, but for now I’m loving every second of it.